SRK Summer Social - 2023

Created by Sian July 16th, 2023 This event has closed


Raffle, Stocks and Sponges and Auction to raise money for the Grand Appeal as a tribute to Hugh Spiers


Message from Sian

July 18th, 2023
What a day we had yesterday, the sun shone, good food, lovely drinks, faces were painted and glittered, lots of water thrown and above all the afternoon was filled with fun and laughter. It was so lovely to see your families and pooches too, I hope you all enjoyed. The SRK Family never ceases to amaze me with its endless kindness, support and generosity. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Grand Appeal by purchasing raffle tickets, taking part in stocks and sponges and the auction of “Where’s Wallace” figurine to the highest bidder, Eleri Hallett, to the Imrie Family for playing the bagpipes, it was quite the showstopper and to those who took the time to make homemade bunting and a huge shout out to Aimee, Amanda and Leanne who mucked in with the “behind the scenes stuff”, its greatly appreciated. The money raised leading up to the event and on the day is £1,533 (please see the attached picture from Angus Spiers, who carefully counted your donations!), this amount will be kindly matched by SRK’s Chairman Fund, bringing the grand total to £3,066, which is truly amazing, thank you. For your amusement, I have attached a few photos of the stocks attached, there’s a lovely little video of the MD being absolutely destroyed, the kids were brutal! If anyone has photos of Chris and Jamie, please share. A huge thank you to everyone who participated, great sports! Please kindly share any photos taken, I’m sure there are many.